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    66v head and 67x head are they the same ????

    I have a toast 66v head and I bought a head and was told it was a 66v head but when I opened the box it has a tag on it that is 67x are they interchangeable ????

    They look the same but the domes on the 66v seem to be slightly deeper (by the finger test)

    please help.

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    I'd like to know this too. My 2001 gp12r has 67x labeled on the head as well. Mines a power valve motor. Runs perfect. Hope this helps?
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    I also have a power valve engine on my 1200 XL limited the heads look identical I am just wondering if they will bolt up and run the same. There must be a reason why they have different #'s


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    Anyone ??? I am trying to put this ski back together after 2 years and want to use the 67x head but I am not sure if it is interchangeable with the 66v damaged head I took off ?

    please let me know guys.

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    Thanks Rich you always seem to be there when I need the answers

    by the way the carbs you rebuilt for me a couple of years ago still work awesome ! The other set is going on this ski.

    Thanks again.

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    The 66V head is a larger volume than the 67X head .

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    the 66v head came on the xll-xlt ski's the 67x came on the gpr ski's they are interchangeable.

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