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    2005 RXP Oil Scavenger Pump screen

    Does any one have any knowledge on cleaning the oil screen in the oil pump. Just had a clutch failure and need to inspect or clean out any debris. Just had supercharger rebuilt and need to make sure that i get all debris out of engine before i put supercharger back on. Thanks in advance on any help that anyone has.

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    You have two oil pumps - screens that need to be inspected. To get to them... the front pump assembly needs to be removed from the block, and you have to pull the pto cover off to get to the rear pump - screen. Depending on the model of ski.... this can be done without pulling the engine.

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    Has any one did any write ups on these procedures?

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    Hit the search function.
    But I'm thinking the motor has to come out to clean all the clutch pieces out.
    There not all going to go automaticly to the screens..
    If you rode it for any extended time with ceramic pieces in it then its a ticking time bomb...
    Ceramics in the oil grinding away at vitals inside means failure of something soon..

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