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    waverunner 3 starting questions.

    My 1992 waverunner 3 will not start when I press the button. Actually nothing happens at all when the button is pressed. We bought a new starter silaniod and still nothing at the button. I can jump the silaniod and it cranks so I know the starter is good, (plus it was replaced last year). So What could it be? I know to take the button apart and clean the contacts and it they are dirty Ive already taken it apart but haven't cleaned it. But I don't think this is the problem. Anything else i should look for? Or at? I'm not good with electricity so simplify it for me. Please.

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    I found the same problem on my 1992 WR 3 today. Would not do anything, so I removed the start key thing, put it back in, and it started cranking, but would not start. Took plugs out and no spark. Jiggled the started key again on the handlebars and it cranked, then started. I think that switch assembly is bad and killing power and ignition to the plugs. Did your fuel guage also go off and on as mine did during all this? Hope someone will respond to our ordeal. Just want to know if it is the switch or something else. BTW, I just signed up -how do I post a new thread?

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    i had the same problem when i first signed up, i had to wait a few days then it let me post. i solved my problem by taking apart my handle controls. the buttons can get dirty inside. i cleaned my start button which was a little dirty but i still had a problem. i checked the kill button and it looked brand new. so last was the key switch. i took it apart and found it dirty and filled with mud. in the key switch there are two little contacts that slide up when you put the key in making a connection. sometimes the springs break or corrode. i my case i was able to clean it out, and replace the springs with ones i found on the tip of a lighter (long tip). i put it all together and it cranked no problem. you might want to try cleaning that switch out. so if you lose spark after you have it started it might be the connections in the key switch. because when the key is inserted it makes a connection, these get dirty, as mine did, and when the key is put in it doesnt make a connection and thus the ski doesnt realize there is a key in. so your ski probably is making enough connection to start and then the vibration or something is making it lose connection, killing spark....or having the same effect as pulling the key out. so clean the switch and find out what happens. if you still have spark issues it might be your cdi or stator. although if its starting i dont think theyre bad. also check the fuse in the cdi box. it might need changing. but in reality it is most likely the same problem i had. clean the switch out. also with the gas gauge i dont know. on mine they seem to stay on after ive killed it but other times they dont. theyre also not very accurate so dont rely on them. i prefer to look at the line of gas in the tank before a ride and use the gas gauge to judge while riding.

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