So my single carb wb1 has been giving me bogging issues/overheating issues since I bought it a year ago that come and go with no correlation. When i bought the ski a year ago it would run great for half of the day before it would bog down and not go over a quarter throttle, but would not die, just wouldnt accelerate over 1/4 throttle. I chased this replacing all of the lines, putting a new carb on, etc. with no luck. Then, last summer my factory exhaust cracked and I replaced it with a protec pipe from a vxr and a gutted and shortened water box of a raider that is stuffed in the nose of the ski where the stock box was. With the dual cooling and this pipe the ski ran godly and screamed all day every day for 3-4 trips with no problems and I figured the dual cooling was just moving enough water to keep it cool, keeping from going into limp mode. Then, 2 trips ago the exhaust rattled loose between the head pipe and manifold and killed the ski. Got it back home, replaced the hardware and locktighted everything and added lock washer and put it back together. Took it back out to the lake and imediatly noticed that it took an oddly long time for water to start spraying from the pisser, but figured it was because i drained all of the water from the box, pipe, etc when i had it apart. The ski was screaming again but the exhaust was very loud for some reason, and the pisser water was so hot that when it splashed into the foot well it burnt my foot. after noticing this and on my way back to shore it did the dreaded 1/4 throttle bog so I idled it back to shore. checked all of my line routing and they are exactly where they were before, with no visible kinks or anything. Pulled the plugs and they were a nice dark brown but i threw a new set in, let it cool, and went to puts with it to get a grasp of what was going on. This time it didnt as much as make it out of the no wake zone before it died again. I pulled the seat and the engine is warm, but not burning hot like the water coming from the pisser.

So what the hell is going on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? its moving more water out of the pisser then ever before so its obviously geting water from the pump, and out the engine, but why is it not going to the waterbox and why is it overheating again?

the water routing is 2 lines to the manifold from the pump, 1 line from the head to the upper head pipe fitting, then out of the lower pipe fitting to a t wich runs to the stinger/waterbox, and the pisser.

can anyone make heads or tails of this before i tow it to the middle of the lake and pull the drain plug