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    2009 Yamaha VX 110 cylinder head tear down

    2009 Yamaha VX 110 Deluxe - In order to clear the deposits in the head and block causing it to overheat, I need to remove the cylinder head. I have the motor out the the head cover and exhaust manifold off. The camshaft and timing chain assembly looks complicated. I have only worked on 2 stroke jet skis in the past so this is new to me. Can anyone assist with the removal and replacement of the cylinder head?

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    Might want to look through this thread: Its an FX, but very similar. Contact cyrillefrenchy on the PWC Today forum for details. He owns a ski rental business, and has rebuilt more VX engines than anyone else I know.

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    Thank you.

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    Ahh i just did this a few months ago.

    I will say, that there is no way in hell id be able to walk you through this online but here are few tips.

    The timing chain is simple and easy to get to. You will need to remove the intake manifold to get to the tensioner and remove that first. You will need the service manual tho, message me and i can send you the file. You MUST make sure its TDC before removing the cams. Stuff something like a towel down the hole so the chain so doesnt slip and move a tooth on the crank. I marked the original locations on the chain where the blip marks meet the cam sproket, but also the spot where the chain met and lines up with heads, to make sure there was no slippage at the end. Its crucial that doesnt happen. Be sure to use a hanger to keep tension on the chain. There are two blip marks on the cams that face up, THAT is how you will determine TDC

    The manual i have has a full breakdown and you can just follow the steps on removing it, itll also show you how everything goes back on too. There are no torqe values on the head bolts tho, instead there is a degree that it needs to be turned, pretty simple to figure out. But id rather explain how to figure that stuff out on the phone instead of typing. So if it gets to that, i will give you my number as well. Pm me for details.

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    HI, just joined today.....have a vx with timing problems , no service manual. all i need is a graphic. thanks!

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    here is the service manual :
    top dead center on cylinder # 1 or 4, little hole on cam shafts in front of marks on camshaft caps, easy to figure out with the manual.

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    2009 Yamaha VX 110 cylinder head tear down

    Juis, the graphic is in my last post.
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