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    Seadoo iCatch fail, roller damage to hull. Must see!

    I'm usually a pretty quiet member of this forum but I have to post this as I promised Seadoo I would.

    If you have the iCatch trailer you need to be aware of this problem. I'm sure many of you are aware of the initial issues this trailer and the quick recall Seadoo issued on them. This is a new design flaw which Seadoo refuses to take responsibility for. I have the BEST extended warranty as well but it will not cover this either.

    Some background. I would guess I have about 5,000 miles on my trailer. Every year I tow the ski to the beach and back. I always check everything and drive responsibly. I have never run over anything to cause this damage either on the trailer or on the water. Before I left the beach last month I noticed a small chip in the gelcoat just above this roller. I did not ride the ski again until I got home. I didn't think it was a huge deal and figured I would just patch the gelcoat when I got back home. Well, I got home and did my customary shirt ride through the river to wash off any salt still on the ski. I paused at a spot about two miles from the ramp and went back. On the way back there was a noticeable handing change and felt like there was water in the hull. It rode like my old GPR with the failed pump shoe when it began to take on water. I put it in the trailer and went home. At home I pulled the drain plugs as I usually do and, expecting not to see a drop as usual, instead gallons began to flow out. I then checked the chip in the gelcoat and found this damage.

    I used to recommend this trailer to everyone that asked about it. Now, I will gladly get rid of it for a traditional trailer with carpeted bunks. Seadoo I think failed with their choice of action with this issue. I told them I will inform everyone I possibly can of the hazards of using this trailer. This is just the first step.

    This ski has always been tied down with ratchet straps. It cannot move on the trailer by pushing or pulling. It feels no different than a tied down ski on a traditional trailer.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21373056042.470701.jpg 
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    Close up of the hole

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21373056065.945138.jpg 
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    PWC rolled back on trailer to show the hole.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is how the PWC sits on the trailer. You can clearly see the roller caused this damage.
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    Seadoo iCatch fail, roller damage to hull. Must see!

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    Is the damage limited to only one location on the hull, only one roller's pressure point?

    Do you intend to have the hull damage repaired independently, or wait for BRP to provide a solution?

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    Sorry to see that, Im glad I decided not to get that trailer when I bought my ski and trailer last year.

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    The damage is at one roller. When you look at each roller location you can see indentations from the weight of the ski. Given that the rollers are mounted in tandem and are made of a hard plastic there is potential for the rollers to act like a hammer on the hull when the trailer goes over bumps. I believe this is what caused the damage. I probably have one of the highest mileage icatch trailers. I got it a month after it came out in 2010. I would have had it sooner but my dealer only got powder coated frames and I had preordered a galvanized trailer. Then when it finally showed up that's when they issued the recall and I had to wait for the new parts to come in before they let me take delivery.

    I will do the repairs myself. I have extensive fiberglass experience working on aircraft so I'm not afraid of a repair like this. I just didn't want another project right now.

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    Wow that sucks.
    I've used a few of the I catch trailers and thought it was a lot more work to use than the traditional trailers.
    Those rollers always gave me a little bit of fear when riding up on them.
    I like the carpeted bunks that give you a smooth landing.
    Maybe strap your ski down when going down the road??
    Atleast it won't bounce and cause more damage.

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    Do you strap the rear of the ski down?

    Shouldn't be bouncing, at all.

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    his ski is always strapped down, you can see where every roller touches the hull has an indentation meaning, damage on the fiberglass under each roller. The damage area he is pointing at is the worse and takes on water....quite a bit in fact. Lesson here? don't buy the ICrap trailer.....oh yea and as expected seadoo said FU not our problem.

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    I love my Icatch. Did you have to set the rollers/catch system or did the dealer do it for u?

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    Quote Originally Posted by em-dubya View Post
    I love my Icatch. Did you have to set the rollers/catch system or did the dealer do it for u?
    The dealer set this trailer up. They were really good about making sure the latch system was right. They even called me in when seadoo sent another setting for my ski just to double check it was right. I felt confident that I had purchased the best trailer and I expected to see people riding other brands begin to buy this for theirs too. It was that good in my opinion. I loved it until it wrecked my ski. I thought the design was exactly what I needed. I liked the looks of it too. As EB87 said. The ski is always strapped down. I would highly recommend selling the icatch and getting a traditional trailer. If not and you have the same thing happen then don't be surprised if I log on here and say I told you so! Go out and look at your ski sitting on the trailer. Do you see dents where the rollers touch the hull? Have you ever seen a full size boat with a roller trailer have dents like that? Me neither. That, my friend, is the beginning of a wrecked hull.

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