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    Cool The Kawasaki Dilemma

    I have a question and I am hoping to get the straight answer...

    I am a former SHO Cruiser owner. I LOVED my SHO... loved the mods and the lighter weight. However, I am in the market for a pair of skis and thinking of buying the 3 & 2 seat supercharged JetSkis.

    I am looking to some feed back on the ease of tricking them out, mods and performance expectations.

    Suggestions? Mods? Ideas?

    AND YES... I did the search but you guys add so much to a thread that it gets a bit watered down.


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    theyre all great skis, depending on what kind of water you ride in (ocean or just flat lakes and rivers?) may be the only thing that would set one brand ahead of any others

    also dont gotta worry about to many mods for kawi. not to many truely effective ones and SCOM with a prop will put you at 75ish +/-

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