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    RIVA SD Supercharger Blow-off Valve Kit an urgent question

    i have the RXT ski whit this riva parts:Power Filter Kit,Rear Exhaust Kit,Solas Concord Impeller and last week I bought the RIVA SD Supercharger Blow-off Valve Kit ....when I tried the Blow-off Valve Kit on my ski , as far i raise more RPM(4000RPM stable) more air come out from the blow off valve filter.and not like that supposed to go out only when i leave the questions is he supposed to work like this????that I think all of the pressure is wasted!!!I checked the vacuum and i put a heart that he is all of the time sucks air and hi never push air! should hi work like this???
    when I took out the vacuum pipe , no air will go out ....

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    I'm no tech,but yes that is normal....when the ski is idling or during sudden decelleration,mine does the same thing.

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    amirmiz, its working perfectly. Supposed to vent under no load. Reving to 4000 rpm with no load will cause the BOV to vent, it even vents at idle.
    As soon as the motor is under load, the BOV will close.

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