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    2000 Seadoo GTX DI wont go above 1450 RPMS

    Hello all,
    New to this forum but figured this is a place to start trying to figure out what is going on with my seadoo. The seadoo is a 2000 Seadoo gtx DI. I took it out on the water the other day and it won't go above 4850 rpms. It is slugish to get to the top rpm range but once there it just holds there with no change in rpm. Almost as if it is being held by a limiter.
    Also the Maint display is on, with a red flashing light. When I push the start/stop button 5x it gives me one short beep followed by a longer one.

    I have tried the following so far,
    -New battery(I needed one)
    -Changed spark plugs
    -Checked RAVE valves on engine
    -Checked all fuses
    -Tried both keys (learner and regular DESS key)
    -Pulled the air injectors, they both opened and closed when hooked up to power
    Also what I just did was, while on the trailer I disconnected the rectifier/voltage regulator and reved the engine. The rpms are still held back whether it is plugged in or not.
    -Tested voltage at battery when off, reading was 12.68, running was 12.88, then when at 3k RPMS was 13.and some change
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Your ski is in limp mode, because of a fault that the MPEM has detected. You need to find what is wrong and fix it, and you cannot do this by guesswork. The only good way to do it is to take the ski to a dealer to have the fault codes read, or buy a Candoopro system and do it yourself. Note that many dealers don't work on DI's anymore, and you may need to take it back several times to the dealer to get it resolved, as there is a procedure to use to properly diagnose these types of problems.

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    get an multimeter and the manual and ohms test the sensors, and mpem harness pins for those sensors, sounds like a dud TPS

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    Well I just took it to the dealer, the codes it is throwing are: something to do with starting relay i think it said faulty starter relay, and also the rave valve switch. Both of which are in operating correctly it seems (seadoo starts i.e.. how would the relay be bad, also the rave valves open and close as they should)

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    you're doomed if you don't recognize the need to know the basic operation of the ski you are trying to diagnose.

    On a DI, basic operation is about 50 pages long.

    The "several times" mentioned previously kinda go like this:

    first trip, pay to have the codes cleared. ALL codes ever seen by the ski are retained. you need to know what's going on "lately"
    second trip pay to have the NEW codes read. Clear codes again. Take action on NEW code report items
    with good luck, there won't be a third trip. If after repairs are performed you still trip the maint lamp, then you need trip four
    Fourth trip..go to the bank and get cashier check for a candoo code reader, as you've already paid the dealer about $200 for nothing

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    Well the dealer checked the codes and didnt charge me anything. Thing is he went to clear them and it said error communicating and they wouldnt delete. Not sure why it did that. Ill take another trip tuesday when they open and tell the guy to do as you instructed.

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    I'm sure other members would like to know who this dealer is. Very generous of them to do a code read for no charge.

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    Place in upstate NY, have a good relationship with them.

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    The title is suppose to say 4850 whoops. Any other ideas anyone?

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    The codes the ski was throwing were, faulty rave solenoid, and faulty starter relay. Both are operational ANY IDEASS!! Im going nuts with trying to figure this out.

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