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    2009 RXT-X 255 intercooler and Super Charger question

    I have a 2009 RXT-X 255 56 Hours Intercooler was leaking I am replacing it with Riva Gen-3, I noticed some oil in intercooler Thinking of replacing oem seal with vition seal? I would probably wait till end of season and pull charger and check slip and adjust if needed.
    Is there a problem with running it this way till end of season leaking a little oil into charger and intake piping and new intercooler?
    Any other things I should be doing?
    Also installing new wear ring and pump seal while down.
    Thanks this forum is great!

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    Change the front seal as it will get worse and coat ur new IC with oily crap ...

    U can just change the front seal .....

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    I would not advise you to keep running it this way BUT unless the seal gets worse the oil will not hurt anythng..It will coat your IC core and possibly build up a bit but will not hurt it...When you replace the seal you will need to fluch your IC cores with gasoline to get the oil and residue out of the IC cores....Also make sure you clean the pipes and throttle body assembly too.....

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