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    1 hour on 2011 RXTX 260 and engine idles rough and will not accelerate

    RXTX has one hour. Was garaged last year in air cond garag and used once. Gas smells fine. It was running ok yesterday for awhile, coming up to break-in max speed, bumping off rev limiter and so on so it seemed like all was in order. The check engine warning did come on mysteriously but went away off and the machine ran as well as break in would allow.

    Yesterday it developed a miss, rough idle and will not rev up at all. The engine does sound tight, no crunching noises. It seemed electrical, almost like it is in a "limp" mode. Any suggestions?

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    Try spark plugs, so many guys have the same problem as you after a storage.

    plus the fuel, if its more than 3 months old and has any ethanol in it, it's as good as water in your tank.
    Even if it smells fine. Ethanol attracts water vapor.

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    Check your throttle body.

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