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    what intecooler for 08 rxt-x

    I need a new intercooler, pretty sure it's leaking. Goint to do a pressure test tomorrow, but the amount og water spraying out of it today, it's not condensation.

    I would like to have it in the original placement, will the fizzle ones fit the original hoses and placement? Are the fizzle coolers good in saltwater? Worth saving the bucs instead of a riva gen 3?

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    I did alot of research went with the gen 3 and added a strainer and shutoff for towing.
    How does your oil look? is there alot of water in it?

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    No no, no water in oil.

    When i say water spraying out meaning that I take the outlet hose off on the air side of the cooler and run the engine. I norway this is a part of the winterising procedure. We get a bit of condensation in our coolers because of cold weather I guess.

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