Anyone remember this from last Dec. IJSBA post?

It was posted way back in Dec 2012 on IJSBA site as part of Scott’s
“Winter Solstice Update and WF Recap”
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New Improvements To 2013 World Finals
We are fortunate to have a title sponsor like Hot Products lined up for the 2013 event. Hot Products has one of the largest and most diverse library of communication lines which allows a considerable amount of new information to come to us on ways we can improve the sport. We welcome all suggestions on how to continue to evolve the event to be the best expression of the sport that it can be. Some highlights we are already hearing are:
  1. Adjust the split section of the track so that it is longer and accounts for 50% of the lap time.
  2. Change the registration lines so that there is a priority prepaid line, especially during opening days.
  3. Weigh Stock Class and Limited Class runabout prior to competition during the pre-tech inspection.
  4. Create a longer start for Runabouts that does not use the split so the split can be more technical during the rest of the laps.
  5. Move ancillary celebrations like Parade of Nations to earlier in the week (like Tuesday) so competitors can participate without being overloaded for the next day’s racing.
We are working on these things and many other improvements. Please send in your comments early.
IJSBA Business, Future, Dispelling Rumors, And Our Relationship With You
IJSBA is a private, not-for-profit organization. IJSBA was founded to enable, promote, and facilitate PWC Racing. In this duty, we are the world’s governing and sanctioning body for all things Personal Watercraft Racing. This role has changed and evolved many times over the last 32 years particularly as we adjust our operations to suit the needs of the sport and to operate within the confines of the economy. The ever changing nature of keeping an organization going often means dramatic shifts in operation as well as strongly securing a foundation which is protects the principals of facilitating PWC Racing. We find ourselves here again.
The IJSBA Executive Director (me) called for an Executive Committee meeting and audit of the books and business. This took place on December 2 and 3, 2012. In the audit I showed the committee the income, expenses, cash flow, receipts, accounts, and surpluses that IJSBA has had since 2005. We are proud to say that IJSBA is again functioning as a fairly strong organization that is solvent and is able to handle productions, like the World Finals, without going into crisis if the event has some financial shortcomings (we have never had to cancel an event due to weather or other natural disaster and hope that we never do) or if the economic climate deals us some bad cards. However, the duties of promoting growth and protecting the security of the racing may be two completely different objectives which may not be compatible within the same organization. For this reason, I am suggesting to the IJSBA Board Of Directors that we explore splitting IJSBA into two organizations: IJSBA and IJSBA Racing. IJSBA would remain the parent non-profit company which would handle international affairs, manage the integrity of the logo and other intellectual properties, provide a final jury for disputes within the sport, and handle the Rule Book this ensuring the rules and policies remained a product of international voting and outside of the interests of marketing racing. IJSBA Racing would be a company that primarily handled the marketing and production of World Finals as well as have interests in US racing and co-marketing with current promoters. This move, if it happens, would allow IJSBA to license out the marketing and production to entities that are currently quite successful at producing motorsports competitions. Meanwhile, the rules governing the sport would still be decided upon by the same international body as does so now. World Finals and other high caliber racing would still follow policies set by IJSBA. IJSBA would receive royalties from IJSBA Racing which would be used to promote and better the sport. If ever the arrangement did not prove to be in the best interest of the PWC community, IJSBA would simply bring the efforts back under one organization.
As it is right now public participation structure is not functioning as IJSBA has hoped when we last amended our structures and by-laws. We believe the key reason for this is that there are too few seats and the mechanisms to obtain a board seat is difficult. In addition, participating in the IJSBA process at this level also requires that members oversee a wide range of topics instead of just focusing on a specialty. A change in this process would allow participation and control over key IJSBA matters to be more easily diffused among the public without overloading any single person who was willing to participate. I will draft a proposal to the IJSBA Board of Directors which creates changes which will facilitate these objectives. Hopefully, we can create an IJSBA that is easier to access.
People are creative and IJSBA is flattered that some many people spend their imaginative efforts focused so heavily on IJSBA matters. To clear things up, IJSBA is not for sale nor do we have a set partner that we are offering any portion of IJSBA at this time. There are companies out there we are discussing matters with but IJSBA is not going to be sold and will remain the same not-for-profit organization it has been. No agreement for anything has been made and the people circulating this type of information are engaging in total fabrication. IJSBA gets the short end of the rumor stick more often than not, but we have shown, time and time again, that we continue to improve and will continue to dispel distorted and outright untrue allegations in the best way we know how: by continuing to grow and continuing to demonstrate the way things really work. Of course there is always room for improvement and we want to improve and want everyone involved to feel like they have an open door to the process.
We want to create new opportunities for everyone in the community. New ideas, new formats, and new leadership are all coming. The IJSBA Executive Committee requested an extension of the Managing Diretor’s tenure to the end of 2014. If so, this time will be used helping to secure new leadership and transitioning the company to a state where it will be able to deliver racing and World Finals for decades to come. We will have more information on this as well as an expanded update on where this is going after the board meeting which will take place just after Christmas. Again, nothing has been decided and nothing has changed and public announcements will come long before the IJSBA makes any kind of changes like contracting with other companies. The public will be able to give input on any such matters.
We urge all of you to consider participating in the IJSBA process. We know it is tedious and the process can be frustrating but this is not unique to just members of the PWC public. Managing a sport this size which still has a community feel frequently contrasts freedom with form and function which seems to be the major tension with the sport these days. This is frustrating for everyone but we can overcome it and the sport will continue to improve as it has been for the last several years.
This report provided a lot of subjects to digest. This is not the comprehensive report on any one of these items but we wanted to put them all on the table now to give the public an idea of what the next few months are going to be all about. We have all worked very hard to build the sport to the success it is today and IJSBA will continue on in that direction. With your help, this will happen more efficiently and will provide the strongest results.
The voting packets for the 2013 Rules will be going out shortly and we have a target set of January 8 for completion. Please feel free to send in your comments to IJSBA by email to[email protected]. In the meantime, we wish you a very happy holiday season and we will have more information soon after the Rule Book votes and the Board Of Directors meeting has concluded.
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