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    Pressure test holds 6psi for hours but not 10 still ok or ???

    I did a pressure this afternoon and I found the rear seals leak from 10psi down to 6psi and then the pressure holds there for hours. Is this still ok or do I need to strip the engine down and replace the seals ??

    Need help please.


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    ive ran engines that drop 10 lbs to zero in a matter of a half hour or so with out problems. All that means are your crank seals are strong enough to hold up to 6 pounds of force before the rubber gives. Below that point the strength of the rubber overcomes the air pressure and it re-seals around the crank. I would give it a shot but that's just me.

    maybe someone with more experience in leak downs can chime in but I think you would be ok.

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    I think its ok.

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    I pressure tested my other engine last night and same thing leaks down from 10psi to 7 psi and then holds there for hours. I am starting to think they will be ok but I would like to see if anyone else has seen this and has run fine.


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