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    gp1200r misfiring

    I have a 2000 gp1200r compression on all cylinders, gas to all cylinders, but sounds like timing is off. Will not idle, start it and feather gas wants to run but no running properly. Sounds like timing is off

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    What controls the timing on the machine?

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    Is it backfireing? What other details do you have?

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    doesn't seem to be backfiring. Was running along fine stopped to idle and then would not start and idle. sounds like it wants to start but its like the timing changed. New motor installed 4 hours ago rebuilt carbs, new reeds ada head ran great untill this. Checked ground cable is good, have not opened up electrcial box.

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    Did a little more looking today all cylinders have spark, and it does seem like a back fire problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by recked13 View Post
    What controls the timing on the machine?
    the timing isn't adjustable because the flywheel/magneto is set onto the crank shaft with a keyway

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    check your spark plug wires for craks and damage i read here somewhere that you can check them while running engine after dark. if wires are bad you will see fire jumping all over the place.

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    Check phase of the crank. Put number 1 at top dead center measure down from the top of the spark plug hole to the number 2 and 3 pistons the distance should be equal within 2 mm

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    if the phase is out how can that be fixed?
    it seems like it backfires when you let it idle, a big bang and then it dies.

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    wires are good changed electrical box still same problem. Does the stator have an adjustment on it?

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