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    Help on Stock '10 RXPX 255 Impeller Mod part numb & letters match questions

    Hi all

    Just recently bought my ski and would like to start modifying it starting with more efficiency and output from the engine before getting into the ECU etc

    After reading Guide for tuning and modifying 255/260 HP iControl skis - by Green Hulk (see below)

    Increasing power output with all the HP in the world does absolutely nothing for your ski until you get the pump dialed in too.
    It's important that the pitch of the impeller be matched to the power output of the engine and desired RPM range you intend to operate the engine.

    For skis with Reflashes or stand alone ignitions I currently recommend either 15/19R impeller, or the 15/20R impeller. The 15/22R is just too steep for most skis and won't allow for higher RPM's

    It's important that you use an SRZ impeller on these iControl skis as they are specially machined for the proper set back. Using an older style SRX impeller could cause the driveshaft to be moved forward which will open a gap at the carbon seal and cause the ski to take on water and sink. The SRZ impellers can be found here in the forums store

    1) What I found online was: Solas Concord SRZ-CD-15/21A would this fit?

    hulk mentioned 15/19R & 15/20R then I checked the link provided by Hulk (see above link) I noticed The Stock RXP-X is only available in Stage I and is SRX-CD-15/22R but its an SRX and not an SRZ but then my ski would come under an iControl ski right?

    Aren't able to order anything because I am worried I will order the wrong part

    Your inputs highly appreciated!!!

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    your not going to go any faster than stock until you do something to the ecu. what limiters are on your ski now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    your not going to go any faster than stock until you do something to the ecu. what limiters are on your ski now?

    Everything's stock I am starting from scratch and aren't aware of the current limiter.

    The thing is I don't want to go for an out of the box stage I package etc but rather do good research for better understanding the whole process and of course input from all you guys in the forum.


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    First of all welcome to the forum, I see you have already met the resident Troll.

    Read post #9 here to understand what the stock limiters are in your ECU:

    The big limit you currently have is 8040rpm. You may have momentary excursions above that but the ECU will always pull rpm to stay at or below 8040rpm.

    Suggestions for you at this stage are these:

    1. Install 1 or 2 bilge pumps, there are threads in the "How to Section" explaining how to do this. Bilge pumps have saved many guys ski's - nuff said.
    2. Install 4" kanaflex air with filter vice the stock contraption which has proven to be very restrictive. Fizzle set up or Riva. Much better throttle response and acceleration.
    3. Install R&D intake grate, provides much better hookup over stock and keep it planted better.
    4. Install the SRZ 15/21A you found - it will be a good starting point and can easily be tweaked if you add more mods later.

    All of these mods will give you a great hole shot and acceleration and max out at 68-70 mph and 8040 rpm.

    Have Fun.

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    He should go faster than 68-70 with those mods. I've been over 70 with just the ride plate holes filled and the reverse bucket cut on my o8 px. I'm only pulling 7800 rpm there.

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