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    Polaris Genesis 2001 1200 Ficht fuel injected, need breaker/fuse box

    Does anyone have an idea where and how much for a 2001 1200 Ficht fuel injected breaker/fuse box for my Polaris Genesis?

    After being filled with water I thought it was dried out. The box started smoking.

    Now it will start and run if I put gas in the throttle body intake but won't idle or restart on it's own. Fuel pressure is 25#. New starter.

    It was running and idling before it filled up. No the plug was in, it had kicked off the exhaust pipe.

    Shadetree Jerry
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    You need to replace the entire main electrical box?

    Or the smaller box that holds the Reset Button(s)?

    Or just some parts inside?

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    Will have to try and isolate the problem. Got pissed and shoved it over to the corner of shop. jerry

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