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    Polaris Virage TXi 2002 battery is not charging

    Charged the battery b4 putting into water and started immediately. Two days later battery was dead. Replaced with new marine battery, charged it to 12.5v and started immediately. Ran it a couple of times over the week. Yesterday was running great. Stopped in the lake and it would not start, just clicking noise. Battery pulled and only showing about 12 v. Was told by dealer that it probably is not the stator or the machine would not have run at all. What is the problem?

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    What is the battery voltage when the battery is already charged and engine is running?

    It should be over 13.5 volts with engine running, and typically around 14.x volts. Measured with a decent multi-meter, not the dash display.

    This is the fuel injected engine, correct?

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    it is fuel injected. Installed the battery after charging and verified at 12.5 volt. Engine did not start, instead high pitch sound like a metal wheel rotating fast. Solinoid perhaps? Everything on the boat is still factory installed. Purchased the boat new.

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    Is the solenoid black body with metal backing plate? If yes, it should be replaced. The factory version is known to internally corrode.

    Spinning, whining sound; probably the Bendix gear inside the flywheel housing. Use a metal tool to short the two heavy stops on the solenoid. If you hear the same spinning sound, plan to replace the Bendix.

    Note: Do not touch the metal tool to anything else, just those two studs with heavy red cables attached. Pliers with insulating handles are a good choice for this. There will be sparks, so use a firm hand.

    Fuel system question; Is there any protective plastic sleeving on the fuel hoses between the injectors? That was a Service Bulletin issue, as the metal brackets can rub against and wear into the fuel hoses where they pass the bracket edges. Fire hazard if not addressed.

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    Spinning sound, so guess I'm bringing it into our service dealer. I don't have the tools to pull the engine out and at 6'6" to big to work in such a small area. Fuel system is protected possibly because we purchased it in June 2003. Thank you for your help and will always use you for help and for smaller jobs look to purchase from you.


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