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    98 seadoo XP limited How to remove expansion chamber Bolt?

    How in the world do you get the expansoion Chamber off the engine side. There is 3 allen head bolts That i got off ok and there is one Stud and one nut in the bottom left side that bolts to engine. How in the world do you get on it. Its a 17 mm nut. There is no room to get on this.
    Trying to remove and clean Carbs.
    Help Please?

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    don't pull the pipe, you can pull the carbs without going thru the extreme pain of the 951 exhaust pipe setup.

    it's tricky, but a whole lot less tricky then dealing with the pipe)

    (hint-you need a special Seadoo wrench to get the last bolt off.)

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    i believe the 787 and 951 nut is supposed to be 15mm someone might have changed it...... the right nut helps to loosen and tighten it along with the right tool like pete said

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    I do think i need the wrench to get that off. What is the best way to pull the carbs? I looking for plan B. What a pane in the butt. I pulled the front half off the fist carb. and checked the little filter. It looked good. Could not look at the diaphragm. Grrrr.
    Im getting a bog. Runs great at first, high speed/top end is good. If i stop and idol for a few and hit the gas it bogs. Tryed new plugs.
    Im digging.

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    it's a 17mm

    gather the following items for "plan "b" (actually removing the pipe is plan b):

    signal mirror ( from troll under the north bridge)
    1/4 inch drive 6mm hex socket/driver (from barkeep)
    good 1/4 inch ratchet ( from barkeeps sleezy girlfriend)
    some other common handtools ( village square)
    now after you remove all of the airbox stuff
    get the mirror in place to see where the 4 allen bolts lie.
    remove those and then all the rest of cables etc and voila..not too painful once you figure where the bolts are

    Doesn't hurt to shove a phone in and around and take lots of pics

    carful with the fuel lines ( some of the fittings on the carbs are plastic)
    and cables ( they can get kinked)

    take a triple dose of patience ( from pharmacy safe)

    before you even get started.

    has to be my #1 least favorite thing to deal with on a Seadoo.

    Not getting everything 100% on spot for the carb rebuild results in having to do it (again)

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