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    99 GTX RFI Fouling 1 plug

    I am seeking some troubleshooting help with my 99 GTX RFI. I just installed a new/rebuilt engine, new fuel injectors, new rave kits and a new battery. I took it to the lake yesterday. It starts right up but quickly fouls 1 spark plug with gas. It seems like the spark in that cylinder is weak. I have no alarms or error messages. Compression is 150 in both holes. I tried another set of new plugs but still the same problem. Because I have good spark at 1 plug and weak spark at the other I am thinking my coil pack is bad. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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    Well after further troubleshooting and inspecting it turns out that the plug was not fouling with gas, it was Water! I just got that engine back from the rebuilder. I am pulling it out to send it back.

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