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Thread: zxi 900 problem

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    zxi 900 problem

    Hi Steve

    i hope you can help me with my question today.

    today i took my zxi 900 out today, was using it for about 1 with out stopping, but then i opened the throttle to the max for about
    30 seconds and the ski just died (no throttle response) and when it came to a stop the motor just died.
    checked everything tried to start the motor again but it wouldn't budge. the ski would not start, kep trying again and again but the motor never turned on.
    had the authority help me towed in .. once i got the ski out of the water and a well half an hour later, the ski turned on and full throttle response.

    please could help me understand what had happend today.

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    if i understand correctly it wasnt turning over at all after it stopped, right? sounds like you either lightly seized the top end, have a bad crank bearing that is locking up under high heat, or a pump bearing is seizing up under high load/heat. Either way, DONT RUN IT ANY MORE until you/someone pulls the motor/pump and see what is going on. The engine shutting down is your warning before something lets go and grenades your motor. As a preliminary check, throw a compression tester on it and see if you have a dead cylinder. If so, you need to figure out why it blew up, and then you have to rebuild the top end. If it has solid, even compression accross the board then you need to check the pump/crank/bearings

    if you can get ahold of the pto/driveshaft try and spin the motor by hand with the spark plugs out. I bet you will hit a spot where it "sticks". If so, pull the pump and drive shaft and try this again, if it still sticks you have something bad getting ready to happen in your engine. If it now turns free then check your pump and see what is locking up in it.

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    hi, thank you very much for your reply =)

    Ok, i understand what you've said but not fully. when u mean pull the pump. what exactly do mean? which pump sorry if this is a stupid question.

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