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    can a starter bendix stick causing a bad clicking sound.

    I've been tinkering with jetskis since the early 90's. A guy calls me up with an engine that wont turn over on his 2000 gtx. easy fix cause it was just hydrolocked.. got it started in about ten minutes but now there's a bad clicking coming from the starter & oil pump side. I asked him how many times did you try to start it and he says till they wires started to smoke. I have feeling he overheated the starter and the bendix froze. Has anyone else ever seen or heard this metal sounding clicking sound problem coming from around the starter before . Any suggestions before I start tearing into this thing?

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    Could be the relay clicking.....

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    No this is a heavy metal sound and there are no relays that close to the engine near the lower engine block. Thanks for your input though.

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    Took a ski in on trade once with this same problem. The owner had tried to start it until he basically melted the wires. Apparently. He used a auto battery because no ski battery I have ever owned would have kept a charge long enough to do that. When I got the starter off I found out that it was locked on and wouldn't move. When I hit the button it just made a clicking sound like to solenoid was bad.

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