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    Ultra 300x wet or dry ride??

    Hey guys. 300x looks like a beast and a ton of fun. I heard somewhere it was a wet ride and you tend to get face splashed a lot, and then i heard it was a dry ride...i mostly ride in the bay, gets pretty choppy...Just curious if any actual 300x riders can give me their real opinion..
    i like to go fast and don't mind getting wet, but my buddy who's also buying a ski wants to stay dry so i'm just curious if he should follow me and get a 300x or look into something else. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!

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    no dryer or wetter than any other ski depends wholly on conditions at the time.

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    The reason why the 300 is touted as wet ride is it smashes through waves and wake instead of riding over them. It can be wetter but with the trim on the 300 you can take care if that as well. The 300 is a great all westher ski.

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    Yeah, it sends one hell of a spray out the front and the sides of the ski everytime you smash into a wave but it directs it all away from you. Only time I'd say its a wet ride is if the waves are high and the wind is blowing back at you...

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    Also if you add a wedge in the pump it will definitely be a dry ride !!

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    That's one of the first things I noticed coming from the STX-R. The STX hull is a dryer ride, but you do bounce over the chop rather than through it.

    You get used to it and shift your weight accordingly though.

    They are a blast, don't think twice, just buy one

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    Wet ! Deeper v hull as compared to a flatter hull causes imo a very wet ride as compared to just about any other ski I've ridden.

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    wow thanks for the opinions guys really appreciate it. anyone rode a newer FX model yamaha and can compare the ride to the 300x as far as spray? i know in power the 300x has to be king for sure. i know i'll go with a 300, maybe an fx for my friend with his wife and son will be better..

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    It's just water get the kaw a little water is welcome on those hot days and that smooth ride will make you forget in an instant about any spray

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    Wife has the fzs and the ride is definitely dryer, rode the fxsho and found it a tad wetter than fzs

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