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    GP1300R blown out front seal????

    so this is how the story goes, lighting coil went for a s**t , got a new one, pulled stator cover to change stator, low and behold pieces of front seal and oil on stator and flywheel..... So out comes the motor, threw some new seals in it this afternoon, and im bolting it all back up.. Question is what in the hell caused this??? ski ran perfect, first thing i did after seeing said blown out seal was pulled the plugs,(look great) i dont think i was running the front cylinder lean, likely because of the air tight stator cover.. never seen a seal go like this before... ski never backfires... what happened here??? is this thing about to blow up in the next hour?? cleaned all the bearings out good, '' break clean and compressed air with some assembly lube after'' put on a dial indicator crank has no play..has anyone encountered this before???? CHEERS!!!

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    Yep, that was me last summer,. My 06 GP1300r started bogging. After pulling my remaining hair out (over 20 hrs searching for bigging issue), I determined it to be a problem with a pickup coil. Pulled the stator cover and looked at an oily mess. Pulled the motor, replaced seals, been running great since. My motor had 25 hours on a rebuild when it happened. I paid someone for that build and they did a great job. I bought the OEM crank, Pro-X pistons etc but they got the seals and gaskets. I don't know what brand was used. Anyways, I replaced front and rear seals and been riding ever since. I probably had another 30 hrs on it since gaskets were replaced. Backfire failure maybe, idk?

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