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    2006 Seadoo Wake Edition 4-Tec

    Hello Guys - I have been poking around in the Polaris side of the forum (trying to solve a problem with that machine!) and figured I would ask a couple questions about my 2006 Seadoo Wake Edition.

    Recently it seems to not want to come out of the hole ... It bounces off the rev-limiter and will only do about 35mph once on plane... I am about 215 pounds - so nothing tooooo extreme going on ...

    No check engine lights or runability - Seems to run fine.

    My question is - I looked at my wear ring (white) and impeller and there is a good 1/8" to 1/4" between the wear ring and impeller ... Is it just time for a replacement?

    I have done rings on older GTX's and GTI's ... Same principal? Reverse threads or anything crazy?

    Thank you - I am new around here but didn't see a sticky or anything!

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    Replace your wear ring bud

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    Yup. Way too much clearance. Visually, you should see about the thickness of a piece of paper. Fix that and your problems go away. If replacing your wear ring alone doesn't bring the clearance within spec, you probably need to send out your impeller for repair.

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