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    Hi Folks, Need s a little help on Polaris slt 750 electrical issue

    1995 slt 750 No Spark (seems common on these)

    So I followed the ohm test procedures.

    When I get to the Exciter test, I get no reading whatso ever.

    I guess what I am asking this woul;d cause my no spark issue, right?

    I just don't want to be throwing all kinds of money at this older ski, Or buy a cdi box only to find it was the stator.

    Again, A big thanks fopr any info that can help point me in the right direction!

    Matt (in NH)

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    Welcome to the Hulk!!

    The exciter coil should OHM out at about 490. Make sure your meter range is set correctly, as this is the highest of the readings. If the range is too low, the meter will appear to read "nothing". If the settings check out, and still no reading, I would say time to replace the stator. You may also want to inspect the wire harness full length. If the red/white or Green/red are damaged somewhere along the line, you would get a similar reading....

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    The meter I am using is a digital one (digisnap HDSA500) and will do:

    Overload Protection

    DC Voltage
    720V AC/DC
    AC Voltage
    720V AC/DC
    AC Current
    400, 4000Ω
    300V AC/DC
    Cont Buzzer
    0-600 Ohms
    Buzzer Sounds @ 100 Ohms or less
    Cat Rating
    II 600, III 300V AC

    I will go thru the wiring again back to the stator housing. If I don't find anything that might be the culprit, looks like I will be pulling the Gas tank and going into the stator assembly.

    Depending on how I feel after this excursion, I might just say screw it and part it out ....

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    so i just bought a 1995 polaris slt 750 it need the front piston well i ended up changing that myself. how ever now that its done its not starting where should i start?

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