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    Newbie and a Successful Outing...

    We had bought a couple 96 GTX's - had trouble with the first a week or so go on it's shake-down cruise; assuming bad rectifier and leaking oil...put this one on the back burning and went to work on the second Doo along with getting our pontoon ready to put back into the slip.

    We took the pontoon and second GTX out to the lake on Friday and had just about a perfect day; beautiful weather, not too crowded, and everything ran just fine - The GTX was hitting 52mph @ ~ 7000 rpm's and seemed to run just fine. Only problem was a constantly lit fuel LED and need to repair the wrinkled polarizing film on the info gauge - we filled the tank and only spent a few hours on the lake.

    As ya'll are aware I'm new regarding PWC's and still on a learning curve. Most of the time we'll be using one or two PWC's in conjunction with our pontoon that's in a slip on Joe Pool Lake; there will also be times we take just the PWC's over to Lake Arlington as we're only 2.5 miles from there and could see getting home from work and spending an hour cruising around, especially after getting the other one going where we my wife and I can can cruise around with the kids.
    We'll trailer the Seadoo's; only the pontoon is kept in the slip.

    When using with the pontoon I'm planning on someone driving either one or both Seadoo's and someone else driving the toon - plan on anchoring and using the toon as the floating patio

    Logistic tips?
    Have not bought an anchor yet; thinking of getting one of the folding types but concerned about it bouncing around in the in the front storage and breaking the tub, then it seems that the sand filled bags would be a pain. I'm thinking an anchor would be used for times we beach the PWC or in emergency breakdown circumstances.

    Keep a rope attached to the bow eye for tieing off at the dock and attaching to the toon to let it float aft of the boat?
    If so, how long of a rope do most have and how rigged?
    50' attached to bow and run under hood into front tub? Allow rope to be used to tie off at dock, back of pontoon while floating, and / or attach to anchor when needed?
    Keep anchor loose and attach to rope when needed? How are people rigging? Loop at loose end of rope and some type of quick release for quick attach or just proper anchor knot when needed?

    Please share any thoughts or tips / tricks you might have.

    Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks, Steve

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    I've fought all kinds of anchors, and when the afternoon chop comes in, it will walk towards shore. I finally found a good combo, I use a cheap navy anchor with an anchor buddy bungee on it. As far as the fuel gauge, there are a couple stickies in the 2 stroke section on how to fix them. On the GTX, remove the glove box and the fuel baffle is right there.

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    If ya tow any of the Seadoos behind the boat or one with the other. Use a hose pincher to block the jet pump feed water line to keep water from flooding the engine. You may know this already but never hurts to mention that. Enjoy, the 96gtx is a great ski!!!

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