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    1995 waveraider pump help

    I am the guy who bought a 2000 Kawasaki STX 1100 2 weeks ago and the motor blew my first time out. I am figuring out what to do with this ski, but my friend gave me a 1995 Waveraider 700 over the weekend. From what I can tell I think the pump is seized. I tried to spin the coupler at the bak of the motor but it was frozen solid.

    I assume my best option is to remove the pump and test to see if the motor spins. If so, I will work on the pump. I am thinking it could be the wear ring. Any other things I should look into?

    Also if anyone wants to weigh in on the Kawi, should I get a new motor or just sell for parts?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Leder View Post

    I assume my best option is to remove the pump and test to see if the motor spins. If so, I will work on the pump. I am thinking it could be the wear ring.
    Your strategy is sound.

    Taking the engine out of the equation, it might also be your pump bearings. Before you start to pull the pump, take a peek into the intake and make sure that no rope or any other solid has wedged itself between the impeller and wear ring...... you might get lucky.

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    and i thought i was the only unlucky .... whos motor blows after 1st use... feel for ya.. itl b ya wear ring dude

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    thanks guys, I will check it out - the ski was winterized before its last use so I doubt they would have left anything in the impeller, but none the less I will look.

    I am guess that it is the wear ring as well, if so - is that something I should be able to replace (I know you need a few special tools to remove the impeller) or would a dealer be my better choice?

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    You need a driveshaft tool to safely hold it. A common problem is the wear ring corrodes and warps, contacting the impeller. I'd check that first.

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    If it is the pump let me know, i have one, not sure overall condition but worked fine in my buddies old raider 94 700 before his motor blew and its just sitting since i parted the motor(it spins if someone can let me know how easily its suppose to spin so i can try to confirm condition a bit better)..Will get pics and won't charge much for it just don't need it(does have some corrosion on the veins but they overall look good as does the prop not mint by no means but very usuable). (gas and shipping would suffice if it helps you get back on the water)(its pump/prop/driveshaft) dont have tools to take apart so this is how I would ship.

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    I am interested, sent you a pm...

    Going to pull the old one this weekend so hoping to get it running soon and would rather not invest much until I run the ski a couple times.

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    Thanks, let me pull this one out tomorrow and I'll get back to you.

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