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    04 FX HO cruiser top speed problem?

    I bought a 04 fx ho cruiser end of last season (needed new motor mounts, replaced them and basically did a test run and put it up for the winter (in florida so no big deal just don't ride until spring).

    1)My qestion is I took it for a test ride today and notice no hole shot/pick up (I'm not pro but I'm used to 2 stroke WBIII's or gp760). And gauge maxes out on smooth water at around 40 mph at maybe 8k?
    I read these things hit 58max stock, I can understand being an older engine I think 120 hrs on it but 18mph loss?

    2)also after riding for a while sometimes a warning light comes on and it dies but when I check codes I only get a 01? Appreciate any help

    3)Lastly I have a remote but honestly I just keep pressing unlock as I'm not sure the low rpm mode light works since only thing that changes is security either blinks or is solid None of the other lights cycle through.

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    I bet it is only running on 3 cylinders. Check the plugs. They like to be changed every 50k on my 03 FX140 which is similar.

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    plugs dont cause warning light though.
    I would still change them for the heck of it although you may have more than one problem if warning light comes on.

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