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    Question 2001 Virage VTi Intermittent Cutting Out

    Hi all,

    New to the forum and first time owner of a PWC. I'm not new to carbureated 2 strokes as I've raced dirt bikes for many years, but this fuel injected stuff with computers is certainly new.

    Picked this Virage VTi up a couple of weeks ago. Has 120 hours on it. Owner told me it had gas in it from last season and hadn't been out this year yet. I took it out and it had trouble idling without a little throttle. Got it out past the no wake area and tried to throttle up, and she didn't want to go clean. It was literally as if someone was turning spark on and off. After a minute or two, it gradually started getting better, and after 10 or so minutes, she had "cleaned out" completely and was running great. No problems the next two times I took her out. Then I got a little bit of a relapse. Then no problems for two more days out on the water.

    I've read a bunch of posts here on the forum. Can't find one that describes these symptoms.

    I've read over the service manual a few times. I was thinking that maybe there was an overheating problem (and the SLOW thingy was being invoked), so I checked the water inlet and the pop off valve. All are clean. I should also mention I'm not getting any warnings on the display.

    So then I pulled the TPS sensor. It is within spec per the manual. I also checked the fuel pressure. 22psi at idle. Battery voltage seems good. Around or just below 13v while not running, and sits at 14.2v with the engine on. I was running out of ideas. Plugs looked to be in pretty good shape, but I replaced them anyway.

    Back out to the lake, and after two straight days with no issues, I put her back on the water for day 3. It was like a total relapse from the first time I took her out. Took 10-15 minutes of runtime before the cutting out was gone and she seemed to be running perfectly again.

    I saw that both the fuel filter and fuel separator are considered "non serviceable" according to the manual. Whats up with that? Water in the fuel seems like another possibility, but I guess the separator gets rid of the water without needing to be emptied? How can a fuel filter not need replacing?

    This will be a great ski once I can get this fixed. Have 7 and 4 year old girls that think it is "da bomb". Really don't want to be stranded out on the water while they are with me!

    Thanks for your time!!!

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    If there is any significant amount of water in the fuel tank, the tank needs to be drained. The fuel filter is quite large and is located at the very bottom of the fuel pump assembly inside the fuel tank. The filter material also repels water, but it does not make the water 'disappear' from the fuel tank.

    My guess is that the TPS needs replacing. It cannot be properly tested on the bench as engine vibrations and heat can cause malfunction even if it tests OK while sitting still. The only reliable test for a TPS is to install a new or known good TPS.

    And it is good to have a spare on hand anyways, even if it turns out your current TPS is still serviceable.

    Do not forget to inspect and maintain the rest of the watercraft, beyond the immediate engine problem. I would suggest you remove and inspect the jet pump, for example. A bearing failure in the jet pump will leave you stranded, and can cause damage to the pump components.

    Inspect the through-hull bearing and seals for wear, rebuild if needed, then grease it with good quality waterproof marine grade lithium base grease.

    See my signature links for more info and maintenance items.

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    Thanks K447.

    I'll go ahead and order up another TPS and try that out.

    I had measured the resistance and it was in spec and smoothly transitioning as I moved the arm. It is a cheap enough thing to replace that it is probably a good idea to start with.

    Sooo, back to the fuel filter and fuel separator. Neither of those need to be replaced (ever)? That just seems REALLY odd to me.

    I did put some SeaFoam in the tank when I topped the tank off for the first time. I put about 7 gallons of fresh premium in the tank at that point, and then another 7 or 8 gallons on the second fill up. I can't really see any water in the tank as it is kind of buried in there!

    I also saw your notes on replacing the fuel line. I still have the gray fuel line on mine. I see no real signs of wear at the fuel injector brackets. But I suppose I'll need to go ahead and do that sooner rather than later.

    Thanks again, and I'll report back after getting a new TPS in there, although it might take a few trips to the lake before I'll even know if I've really got it fixed or not. I hate intermittent problems!

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