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    help! starting problem 02 virage txi

    I have purchased 2 2002 Virage 1200 txi's.. I got them from the original owner and they have 55 and 59 hours. When I got them, they had been sitting for a long time and were extremely hard to start. I have little mechanical background being a service manager at automotive shop. So I started by getting good fuel, adding an injector cleaner, and replacing the autolite plugs with the recommended NGK plugs. They are still very hard to start and it takes 20-30 minutes of constant restarting and idling before they finally clear and start firing on all cylinders. After they warm up they run great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Check the fuel pressure when cold and cranking. Should be a little over 20 PSI.

    Also check the voltage on the White/Red wire, which feeds all injectors. Leave all injectors plugged in, find a splice or other point to tap into the White/Red wire. Voltage should jump to over 20 volts when cranking, and jump up to around 45 volts when running.

    It is interesting that both machines have the same symptoms.

    An easy test is to unplug the TPS and see if it starts more easily. TPS is located at the rear end of the throttle bodies, with a 3-pin 'pig-tail' wire connector. If engine starts better, the TPS is likely in need of replacement. It will not respond to throttle with TPS unplugged.

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