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    2005 Honda R-12x Speedometer

    The speed sensor on the ride plate broke off. All four holes are broken so it cant be reattached with screws. I'm just going to epoxy it back to the ride plate for the time being.

    Where could I source a new one from if I decide to replace it.

    Also is there a way to replace that with some kind of GPS speed sensor?

    Thanks in advance

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    They are pricey to buy new. I needed one a few years back and bought a ride plate that had one attached to it on ebay. They are cheaper to buy that way.

    I think you might luck out with the epoxy though. I put JB Weld on a pitted jet pump nozzle. It was under direct pressure and never came off. I eventually bought a used nozzle to replace it but honestly that epoxy was going nowhere.

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    Found one for 46 dollars at

    For those that need it, the part number is 37700-HW3-670.
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