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    Main Relay Failure

    I had the main relay go out in my '09 RXP-X. Tough thing to troubleshoot, but I narrowed it down. I was able to get it back on the water by jumping across the top connections (which are "hot" through the relay anyway) and putting in a switch at the lower connections (if you jump these the fuel pump cycles every 10 seconds or so and the gauges stay on).

    Basically, the relay is powered by the DESS key on the post - gauges activate, fuel pump cycles, you get the double beep, and then you can start up. With the switch in place, you have to put on the DESS key, flip the switch, and then go ride (and remember to flip the switch OFF to save the battery!).

    Here is the issue - the relay is a Tyco 30A/20A that is no longer made and I can't find an equivalent. I tried searching every which way I know how, and I even tried a couple Autozone relays, but their outputs are not correct. Being that I am not an electronic genius by any stretch of the imagination, I was wondering if anything could be damaged by running a switch in place of the relay?


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    Are you sure its the relay and not the post? It might also be the diode pack. Do you get a ground to A6 at the relay with the key inserted? Or at C4 of the relay block?

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    I jumped the posts and it worked fine, so it is not the socket. All grounds, fuses, and 12 Volts sources (when jumped across the relay sockets) work perfectly. It took me 3 hours working from the DESS post on down and through the entire fuse box and it is most definitely the main relay.

    I talked to an electrician who looked at the wiring diagram and said that it should be fine to have a switch on the relay'ed side but that if I forget to turn it off the switch when I shut off the ski then the battery will be drained.


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