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    2013 ultra 300x fuel cosumption

    Hello guys I bought my firsts and brand new ski, the ultra 300. My fuel light and alarm came on three hours in my Break in, is this due to the lower rpms that I had to ride it causing it to have to plow thru the water instead of plane out? Is this normal ? I have between three and four hours and 57 miles on ski. Is this normal, will it get better? I just worried that if I star towing the family it's going to take me 60-80 gal a day.

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    50-60 miles per tank during normal riding before the buzzer comes on is about right, you still have about 6 gallons left. I'v squeezed 105 miles out of a tank running 4,500 rpms on long trips.

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    The first bar is 6-7 gallons. The middles bars combined are about 6-7 gallons too. And when the buzzer comes on you have about 5-6 gallons left. You can also get a deep fuel pickup and get access to the last 1.5 gallons or so in the tank.

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