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    04 msx 140

    Hey guys having some issues with my 04 msx 140. I picked it up about 6 months ago ran fine till last month had it out at lake and the hull bearing ceased and broken and was letting water in. I replaced the seals and bearing and took it back out and everything was good with seals but when I started it it would idle fine but wouldn't run at higher rpms. so I looked around on here at different post and saw the post about the fuel pressure regulator so I pulled the gas tank and the flue pressue regulator did fall out and was at the bottom of the tank. I fixed that and started it up and no change so did some more reading and saw the post about the tps. I had no response to throttle so ordered a TPS and plugged it in and it had perfect response and took it to the lake and ran great for 3/4 of the day. It died once but restarted right away after that the idle was rougher then normal but still ran. towards the end of the day the idle got rougher and then it wouldn't run at high speeds again would hit about 20-25mph and sputter and miss fire. when I was on it I had it full throttle and started to rock it back and fourth eventually it gained speed and ran some what ok for a couple minutes then would go back too running crappy. On the way back to the dock I rocked back and fourth and picked up speed and ran most of the way back fine. Approaching no wake zone it slowed down and wouldn't run over 15mph tried rocking it again and it didn't change it got worse would not idle then stalled and wouldn't restart. Ended up towing it in. while towing it started and idled rough, put it on the trailer and stated it and it started and running rough and when i would give it some gas it would miss and sputter. I started to think the reverse switch was bad but would that make rough idle and stalling?? any ideas?? It was also 120 out and was sitting in sun a while would vapor-lock or something like that be the issue?? Thanks for any help.

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    Hmmm, lots of symptoms ...

    Recheck fuel pressure.

    Correct spark plugs installed? NGK PZFR6H only.

    Check plug wires for solid connections, both ends.

    You had a failed through-hull bearing, so water got into the hull. Did any water get into the engine?

    Did you inspect the jet pump bearings for smooth operation while the jet pump was out?

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    I tried testing fuel pressure when I was having issues the first time. I used the fuel pressure tester from autozone and tire pressure gauge neither had any readings. I disconnected a fuel line and plugged it with my thumb it would build pressure then so I thought it was just the gauges not working. but could that be pressure building from being blocked but not building pressure properly for the system? have those plugs in it and just ordered 3 new ones will be here in a day or two. bearings shaft wearing ring prop everything looked great when I replaced the hull seals. water did get in hull but not much had a spare bilge pump in boat so I put it in the ski from tow back to dock and started it several times while in tow.

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    sounds like your fuel regulator/restictor fell off thats why you don't build pressure

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