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    Lightbulb 2012 FX Dry or Wet ride? compared to other models?

    Hey guys, so i Bought a vx cruiser. Fun machine but i get bounced around and splashed with tons of water within a minute. I ride in the Moriches bay in long island, and underestimated how choppy and windy it can get out there. Looking to go long distances and for me and my passenger to feel more comfortable. I would like to be able to ride and not get soaked and sprayed so much where i'm freezing and have to turn around. Just curious if anyone has ridden both a VX and a new FX and can share their opinion in ride difference. If it's a major difference i will leave the vx to the family and go with a 2012 FX most likely the SHO so i'm not complaining about lack of speed in another month either ha. Would like to know how big the difference and if its worth dishing the dough. Thanks so much guys i appreciate it. -J

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    As a fellow south shore rider with a VXR I feel your pain. If there is even the slightest amount of chop on the bay I'm constantly getting splashed in the face. I have never riden an FX but I have riden with guys that have them and they do seem to be a much dryer ride compaired to the VX series hull.

    If I was a more educated buyer at the time of purchase I would have bought an FX. Still love my VXR though...

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    Same here Stunna!

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    Yep, the FX series hulls have always been better at handling the chop and they are the best for that in the Yamaha lineup. There is a splash guard available but not sure if it will fit the VXR; I did a search but couldn't find it in Jerry's store but here is another link:

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    bought the 2012 fx sho. night and day difference from vx. feels like a boat such a smooth ride and you barely get wet. when you trim down you cut through the waves so nice its a great ride, and the speed is intense. awesome

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