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    Stuck starter switch

    I recently took out my '93 VXR pro 700 and it did not want to start when I pressed the button, but only crank. I'm not that worried because it sometimes needs a good priming. However, my on/off button decided to stay on and crank even with my lanyard pulled out until it drained my battery after close to a minute. Anyone ever heard of this issue? As soon as I got home and connected the battery charger to it, it started to crank. So, is it my button or could it be something else?

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    I'd start with checking the button. Does it seem to still have the springy feel to it, is it going down and not coming back up ?
    Not familiar with those exactly, but maybe you could pull it apart, clean the contacts and stretch the spring back out. Otherwise it could just be worn out and needing to be replaced. It's possible it could be something else, but that's a good start!

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    The first thing you need to do if you haven't already done it is disconnect the battery. then either fully charge that one or go buy a new one then start testing things.
    Your problem sounds like the solenoid is stuck closed.
    before you try to hook up the battery disconnect the wires that goes to the start button, i think they are the brown and the red wire connection. that should tell you if the solenoid is bad or not.

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