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    1994 GTX seized up

    Hey guys - new to the forum - was riding my 1994 GTX this past weekend and thought it was running out of fuel, so I switched it over to reserve. It died. It turned over like normal - no fire. Second round of starting was harder and no start. Third round was even harder.... I heard a little bit of a squeal.... No start. Then nothing. I thought I ran the battery down. Pulled it out of the water..... Battery was fine (12.5v). Tried to move the flywheel.... Won't budge! The prop has a little movement to it.... So I know that the bump isn't locked up. We took the head off the motor and the rear cylinder looks like it has a little piece of metal that bounced around inside and dinged up the head a little bit. A little tiny piece seems to be embedded in the piston. Are these skis prone to mechanical failure like this? I've owned it since it was brand new - always maintained it.... Always fresh water.... I know it's 19 years old. Are here any known issues with this particular model? Are the oil injection units reliable? We have never had an issue with this ski till know. Has about 250-300 hours on it.

    thanks for any info you can offer.

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    When was the last time the fuel system was rebuilt? Sounds like a lean seizure to me. Take a picture and post it to be sure. Oil systems are great I've never had one fail that I didn't maintain. ( long story)

    welcome to GH!

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    What requires rebuilding in the fuel system? We've never rebuilt anything in the fuel system besides the fuel gauge floats.

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    The crank is coming apart.... That ski has the 657cc? you could put a 720cc in it now

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    What makes you say the crank is coming apart? Is that a known issue?

    And switching to the 720cc..... Is that a complete motor swap? Or done with bore and stroke?

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    Getting hard to start, squealing, and bits of metal on the piston top tells us something came apart. At that age it's most likely the crank. Pull the exhaust and that one cylinder then let us know if the lower rod bearing took a severe dump.

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