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    considering new waverunner

    I currently own a 2004 waverunner 800 xlt. I am considering trading up to a 2013 vx deluxe.

    I know the 800 xlt is not a speed machine by any means, but how does it compare to the vx deluxe?

    Meaning will the vx deluxe be a significant bump in power over the 800 xlt?

    Or will the 2 machines be the same or is the 800 xlt faster?

    We also have a 1200 xlt which goes pretty good. How would the vx deluxe comare to the 1200 xlt speed wise?

    Outside chance we could go with a VXR, but doubtful. Is the VXR faster than the 1200 xlt?


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    I had an xlt1200 and purchased a 2012 VXR and it is way faster, more nible, reliable and best of all way better on gas. I hear VX does low 50's so slower than xlt.

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