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    Need help with 2000 XL1200 problem.

    I've owned this XL1200 Waverunner since 2005. All stock. It's still in great condition with low hours. Might see 6-7 days on the water a year. Ran great for a few years THEN first time out LAST season the problem started. Carbs were cleaned, and they said they weren't that bad, but it seemed to solve the problem. It still showed slight hints of the problem a few times. At 1/2-WOT it would bog for a second then clear right up. Last fall I put blue stabil in the 2-3 gallons that were left in the tank, ran it for 10 minutes to get it into the carbs, fogged it, then turned the gas off. I figured all will be well. WRONG! Last month I put in the battery, installed new plugs, and filled the tank, then headed to the water. SAME problem! It will run fine on the hose or out of the water. ON the water it will run NORMAL for 20-60 seconds at any throttle position, then feels like it drops a cylinder and will barely get up on plane (10-15mph), then soon you are down to idle. It will idle, but when you give it any gas, it dies. Then after a few minutes it won't even idle anymore. Get it on the trailer and clears right up and runs fine. Some things I've tried...... ON/Reserve no difference. Choke and it dies. New fuel filter. New plugs. Is there anything else I should check or do before going through the carbs again? That job is no fun on this boat. We have nothing but E10 Gas here, and that doesn't help. If it is the carbs again, why does it run fine for a minute on the water before the problem surfaces? Thanks!
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    You should do a compression test and post the numbers. go ahead and do the power valve upgrade (wave eater clips) install a D plate if not already done. when you have carbs cleaned (rebuilt) make sure they pressure test them and use mikuni kits from yamaha as the O rings are different. it would be a good time to convert to premix 40-1 to be on the safe side.
    Good luck and just post any questons you need help with.
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