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    2011 Ultra 300 vs 2013 Ultra 300 any difference in models

    I was about to purchase a new 2013 Ultra 300 x jetski, when thye offered to sell me a brand new 2011 300 ultra for $10,500 3 year waranty and cover. This was a big savings over the 2013 model. Has the 2013 model been improved to offer greater top speeds than the 2011? Given the after market mods , I am guessing that there maybe only 1-2 MPH between the two jetskis. I alway exspect each year a model is out they work out the bugs.

    Any thing being discussed for the 2014 models? 2014 400 Ultra? ...seems speed is topping out .

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    13's wont be any faster then an 11 but yes they made a few upgrades to the ski in-between them. rings, catch can etc. for 10500 with a cover and warranty thats a good deal. 14's get talked about next week i believe so we'll see what they have to offer then

    and stock every ski will be at 68ish mph

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