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    1995 SEADOO 657x gtx rehab/repair

    Hello everyone Im from Virginia Beach,Va and Im new to the forum and to owning a jetski. I just had a 1995 seadoo 657x gtx given to me by a good friend of mines dad. Compression checked out at 148 on both cylinders. When the compression checked out I decided to go a ahead and start doing some upgrades. So far my list of things to do are replacing all fuel line,rebuilding carbs,new steering cable,jet pump oil,wear ring replacement,fuel selector cleaning or replace?,PO had ground wire bolted to the head so I had a new ground wire made and put it on the stater ear where it belongs.
    I have some questions for you guys. How do you replace/repair plug wires? do you cut them back and then just push them in the boot and zip tie them in place? or should I replace them all together?

    Should I delete oil pump? and premix? Im sure yall have asked this question a hundred times.

    Thank you in advance for all information and help Any other Ideas for upgrades and prevenative maintenance is welcome.

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    Hey, I'm in a similar situation, got a '92 GTX that needed "carb cleaning" and now I have taken all but the motor out. I was amazed at what was stuck in all corners of the carbs and I almost would go for some replacement carbs next time as the screws were stripped/corroded and had been rebuilt quite a few times(New screws at least). The fuel system had a full dose of phase separation "Ice tea" throughout and I will have to figure out the best way to beat that problem(run the tank dry to winterize?)

    I was searching other threads and saw some answers on the plug wires, most said to leave what was in there if possible as they are all one sealed unit.

    I also found the front oil line was broken, had some oil in the bottom of the hull(mixed with water) and it seemed the boards were 50/50 to go to premix. I did read some post that the blocking plate over the pump isn't a good plan so I'm thinking about just leaving the oil tank dry and leaving the plumbing. I plan on this being my son's ski but want it to be reliable so I'm willing to put in extra effort to do it right. The fuel selector knob broke but I think the $30 for a new selector would be worth the effort to have a clean fuel system from the fuel cap to the carb jets.

    On the good side, everything else looks good, should be a fun ride.

    Going out today on the other one, too nice a day!

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