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    2012 FX how dry of a ride? Ride comparisons to other models?

    Hey guys, so i Bought a vx cruiser. Fun machine but i get bounced around and splashed with tons of water within a minute. I ride in the Moriches bay in long island, and underestimated how choppy and windy it can get out there. Looking to go long distances and for me and my passenger to feel more comfortable. I would like to be able to ride and not get soaked and sprayed so much where i'm freezing and have to turn around. Just curious if anyone has ridden both a VX and a new FX and can share their opinion in ride difference. If it's a major difference i will leave the vx to the family and go with a 2012 FX most likely the SHO so i'm not complaining about lack of speed in another month either ha. Would like to know how big the difference and if its worth dishing the dough. Thanks so much guys i appreciate it. -J

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    Its a big difference. In fact, my wife refuses to ride a VX..............way to bouncy and wet. The newer 2012 and later FX hulls are deeper, and tend to go through the chop rather than bounce over it like the VX.

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    If you want dry and a boat. Or, buy a dry suit. Riding in big chop is going to get you wet on anything...especially any waverunner. Possibly lawn darts would be better on those days.

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    bought a 2012 fx sho a week ago. ride is WAY smoother and WAY drier. and the acceleration is intense. loving it

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    Yep, there will be a big difference with the FX hull,
    you should talk to your dealer and test ride one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by james1287 View Post
    bought a 2012 fx sho a week ago. ride is WAY smoother and WAY drier. and the acceleration is intense. loving it
    As I said in the thread I started, I just bought a 13' FX SHO, and took it out for the first time Wednesday. This is by far the best ski I've ever ridden. I got a little wet a couple times when I was doing 50 in a turn and the wind was blowing bow spray (more like Bow mist) in my face. Other than that you could ride the thing wearing a suit and tie and not get wet.

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    I have the 2013 FX HO. Last weekend when we took them out, we remained dry the whole time. Well, except for my little adventure in plowing through tug boat wakes. I was trying something new, and it was fun!

    You can remain dry on these skis, but you're in the water...

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    The 2012 FX is about a drier ski as you will get.......but it really depends on conditions that you are riding in......submarined mine a couple of times around here

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