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    1999 sltx probllem

    I have a '99 sltx that I bought new. It has always been hard to start but once you got it going, it
    was ok. Now, it sometimes hits on two cylinders and goes back and forth from 2 to 3 cylinders.
    I'm generally handy with tools but not much on diagnosis. I've replaced the plugs and that didn't help.
    I'm open for suggestions if anyone has had similar problems.

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    See my signature links for lots of info.

    My suggestion is to refresh the fuel system. Replace the fuel hoses, crank case pulse hoses, and the fuel selector valve. If you have a fuel/water separator, replace the o-ring seal.

    You want the entire fuel system from the fuel tank to the engine to be 100% air tight. The fuel pump creates suction in the fuel supply hoses, and even small air leaks will cause problems.

    Rebuild the carburetors with genuine OEM parts.

    It sounds like the fuel system was never quite right, and it is now also quite old.

    Also check the mechanical basics; cylinder compression, intake reeds.

    Make sure you have the correct spark plugs installed.

    Check the spark lug wires for solid connections at both ends and correct ohms.

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