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    ET 137 +4 charger vs. ET 140 +2 old version (drop in replacement for rude 1 charger)

    Anyone have any first hand experience w/ these 2 chargers? I have both and would like to do a back to back comparison, but I don't really have the time right now.

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    They both put out comparable boost numbers but 140 vs 137 with close to same boost 140 will always win due to higher air volume.

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    Funny you just brought this up. I just did a test between the ET137+4 and Riva XXX (140mm). The 137+4 put out 14-15psi around 8900-9000rpm, with a top speed of 82 in fresh water. I just tested the Riva XXX today, and it made 16psi at 8940rpms, and built boost almost instantly when you nailed it. My best speed was 83.2mph. You will be extremely happy with either charger, but the 140mm wheel is a noticeable difference in the volume of air it moves.

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    Etechs 140 charger is a nasty ass charger.... you will notice the difference over a 137mm charger with a 140

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