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    I need pump help

    I've been reading all threads and i'm even more confused then I started.

    My 2006 FX HO needs a pump refresh. It's bone stock minus a riva air filter. I get full RPM and I come out of the water ok 1/2up. Add a third person or try to tow a tube/kneeboard and it cavitates but it does come up. Tried to pull a wakeboard out of the water and I could not.

    Also by myself when I do full turns and come out of them it'll cavitate as well.

    I sealed up the pump last year with some 3m silicone and it improved greatly, impeller was at the very end of the spec.

    I'm now seeing noticeable gaps - I want to replace the wear ring since it has scrapes in it and I want to do an impeller as well. Depending on what direction I go i'd like to replace the intake.

    But my confusion comes from all the options I have.

    Intake, which is better, Riva/R&D? I'd like to pickup the matching pump seal kit with it. Differences between the two? Benefits?

    Wear ring, I like the idea of the replaceable delrin liners. Impros sells one, SBT, I found a site called precision marine tools that sells one on sale right now for $90. Or do I just go OEM? I don't care about price, just want what will give me the best for the longest time. If I have to spend $40 for a new ring every off-season, i'm ok with that. But if the inserted ones don't perform as well as the stock then i'd rather buy a replacement stock in 3 years which would be cheaper in the long run.

    Impeller. Sounds like I want to pickup a 14/20 (which I believe is stock?) - but Solas appears to have different models, and there are other brands. What are the differences/benefits? Which one do I want?

    I'm lost and this is going to end up being a good chunk of change so i'd like to minimize trial/error

    Thanks guys.

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    Bumper Anyone have an insight on the wear rings?

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    if you are in salt water, go witht he delrin wear ring setup, if fresh water the stainless is ok. I leave the impeller biz to somebody else. However if you routinely need power and not top end, make that a clear factor in deciding which prop to use.

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