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    1995 xp800 - no beep, runs fine!

    Did my summer season prep, ski started every time on the trailer and beeped x2 each time I put the key on.

    Got it to the lake, no more beeps but ran flawless all day (2 tanks of gas).

    Got it home to wash it, "beep beep" every time I put the key on again.

    Last year it always beeped on or off the trailer, but it also needed the fuel sending unit repaired (which I did over the winter).

    Plus Im getting black residue on the key contacts... is this operation normal?

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    Its probably just your beeper going. Its in the steering assembly. Mine beeps 20% of the time I put the key on. Doesn't mean anything. (I THINK)

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    I just replaced one on my RX and after I got it working again BAM now it's on the outs... I swapped a used one with it and apparently it was on it's last leg as well. These things are not very durable but for $10 what do you expect. I am going to order 4 or 5 to have them as spares for skis because every ski I buy has no working beeper!

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    Thats odd, ill keep my eye (or ear) on it. I like the sound when riding in case it gets hot, low on oil etc... when you are not usually looking down at the multi-gauge.

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