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    94 seadoo spi, high idling and starting problem

    hi im new to greenhulk.... when first started it runs a extremely high rpm and once its warm ill shut it down and it wont want to start again. ive read some threads saying an airleak to the carbs so ill be checking that but idk why its starting fine but when shut down it wont start again just cranks. i checked the rectifier and seemed fine. thanks in advance
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    fixed issue with high idle but still trouble starting when warm. could it be the temp sensor, i put it in boiling water but i didnt get an alarm or buzzer. i dont see how it could cause it to be hard starting. starter maybe?
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    Hello, sounds like a lean fuel issue for sure...

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    hmm i take it there is no way to check for it being lean? and could tampering with the carbs be a solution to a lean mix

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    well i just took it to the river to see how well it ran in the water and it wont start in the water. so i pulled it up on the beach and started and quickly backed it into the water. it tried to kill itself so i adjusted the idle screw until it held an idle. let it run for a few seconds and killed it to see if i could restart it in the water and it fired right up... let it run for awhile and killed again to see if shed start and it cranked about four times with throttle and then started. i repeated this a few times and couldnt solve it

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