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    Need some opinions on what to do

    Hey Guys. So right off the bat I'll admit I'm probably screwed.
    But, heres the deal. End of last summer my dad rolled our waverunner. After that my dad said it ran badly, or even not at all. I was at school so I'm really not sure what was going on at the time. We found a metal piece on the bottom of the hull, I assumed it was part of the crankshaft and it was. SO, my dad took it to a guy we knew that repaired sea-doos, he had a buddy that repaired yamahas and so my dad had him do it. I believe what he did was took the good part of our crank and a good part of a used crank he had and welded them together (or whatever the process is) and then I guess we needed a new cylinder as well. Turns out my dad paid the guy $2,200 when all said and done. Our plan was to sell it. Anyways, we put maybe 4 hours on it this summer, just trying not to use it, but for the 4th of July weekend we wanted to take it out. It seemed to run great. But Saturday it died on me. We got it back to the launch and my dad found water in the cylinders. My dad took it back to the guy and he claims he found no water, but one cylinder is pitted which sounds like a bad crankshaft again.
    I guess my deal is $2200 seems like an insanely high price to pay for labor and used parts. I know hotrod cranks you could buy a new one for $900ish. And now that apparently the crank is bad again, I definitely feel like we got screwed and this guy should make it right at his cost. But being just "some guy" that repairs PWC's I'm pretty sure we're screwed.
    I guess I want your guys opinions on what you'd do in my situation.

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    "Caveat Emptor" Let the buyer beware.I had a "guy" who repaired jetski's rebuild my carbs, replace a cable,battery and labor....$1200 .....Ended up sending them cross country to OSIDE BILL,rest his soul, he told me "guy" F*&KD me and would have blown ski.Checked on carrying him to court, would've cost me more..Michigan may be different than NC.I'm still wiping vaseline on that Use a dependable shop or someone here.

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    If I had known what my dad was about to spend I would have had him back out. I had no idea. I don't even know if my dad knew. But yeah, I wouldn't have let my dad take it to this guy if I had known at the time. I could have bought the parts new and had someone here do it, and do it right, for less.

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    I seriously doubt if there is anything you can do about the repair that was done. Too many variables to prove that this failure is due to what the mechanic did when he worked on it.
    I doubt that what the mechanic did was warranted over 90 days anyway.
    Finding a knowledgable and reputable ski mechanic is not easy most times and you're left with the 'luck of the draw'.
    Your dad just did the best he knew to do 'at the time'.

    And who knows, perhaps the mechanic is a good one and his repair was done correctly. Without any further proof that his repair was a shoddy one, we really don't know.

    It is what it is, just get on with repairing it. These older ski's need to be gone through from one end to the other and all the extensive maintenance done and kept up with. Rarely is that done and without staying on top of that, the ski will have problems and break down on a continuing basis.

    but one cylinder is pitted which sounds like a bad crankshaft again.
    It might not have anything to do with the crankshaft. If the carbs have not been rebuilt, then they probably leaned out a cylinder. The fuel pickup flapper in the gas tank might be causing a fuel flow problem. Fuel filter might need to be replaced. A crankshaft seal might be leaking to cause a lean-out...or a host of other things.

    You need to find out what the 'actual' damage is first, and then proceed from there.
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