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    2007 Sea Doo 150 Speedster 215 SC question

    My speedster has 47 hours on it currently. We only used the boat twice last year and twice the year before that. I have always had it winterized and serviced every year and have really babied the boat. My top speed in the past has been 52 mph on the speedo with one person, calm water, perfect conditions. (at least is what the speedo said) Anyway, noticed first time out and 2nd time out the boat will only get to 42 mph and doesn't have the zip it use to have. Not sure if the treated gas i had in it wasn't the greatest and that was the problem or what. It did seem to run better once i used up the remainder of the fuel. I had a local sea doo repair guy pull the wear ring and checked the impeller and it was fine. He did say when he hooked it up to the computer it thru a DESS code showing that the line grounded 10 hours ago. He reset it and said that sometimes when a code is thrown it can put the boat in a safe mode where it won't perform at full capacity. I haven't changed the washers out yet and am getting readty to order them from Jerry now. I am hoping i haven't blown the washers already and am screwed. Would the computer had shown codes if the washer's blew and got into the engine? Would it be smarter to just go ahead and order the SC rebuild kit at 47 hours if they are okay and go that route even though they don't recommend the rebuild until 100 hours? Sorry for lots of questions, just concerned my washers are blown. I thought about trying some gas from a different gas station that caters to the boating community here and some octane boast and see if that helps first. Any help would be great. I have always run 91 Octane in it. The sea doo guy here says he gets one or two ski's a month that have used the same gas station and has had problems with the ethonal used in it.



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    Change washer ASAP. Just pull the air intake of the supercharge and see if the wheel turns easy with your fingers. If it does the washer have went. If the SC is ok. I would change the spark plugs these motor have a tendency to foul plugs.

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    My 215SC Challenger 180 maxes out at 42 mph / 7800 RPM - does that sound right?

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